Krisjan Gustavson DC, Chiropractor in Victoria BC

Krisjan Gustavson DC, Chriropractor in Victoria BC
Krisjan Gustavson DC

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Chiropractic is preventative and deliberate by nature, whereas conventional medicine is the ambulance – it was designed to treat illness and disease, not prevent them in the first place with diet, exercise, positive mental attitude, and a healthy lifestyle including chiropractic care.

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About Krisjan Gustavson DC

Now a chiropractor in Victoria BC, Krisjan Gustavson was born in Winnipeg Manitoba in 1959. He graduated in 1981 with BSc. in Biochemistry from the University of Manitoba. He graduated in 1986 as a doctor of Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial College of Chiropractic. Krisjan Gustavson opened his first practice in Winnipeg in 1986 and practiced there until he moved to Victoria in 1996, at which time he opened Fort Street Family Chiropractic.

Free time means cycling or running the 10k

Gustavson spends his free time living a lifestyle that exemplifies what he believes in. His activities include yoga, running, cycling and swimming.

Why chiropractic care?

When asked why he became a Chiropractor, there is no hesitation in Gustavson’s response. When he played hockey on the university hockey team, he suffered a serious neck injury. Like most of us, he tried many forms of therapy, including medication. Finding that nothing was really helping him, he listened to a close friend and went to a Chiropractor. The rest as they say is history.

The body has the potential to heal itself

K.Gustavson believes that the body has the potential to heal itself. As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Krisjan Gustavson feels that he is in a partnership with each and every patient. He provides compassion, leading edge technology with over 25 years of clinical experience to tailor a treatment plan that is specific and attainable for every patient.

Clinic Days: Tuesday to Saturday

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