Chronic Pain Treatment with eToims

Are you living with chronic pain? eToims can help

Victoria’s Diversified Health Clinic is the first location on Vancouver Island to offer eToims, a new non-invasive treatment for pain and inflammation in the body’s soft and connective tissues.chronic pain treatment victoria bc

When you irritate or damage a nerve, muscle fibers close around the nerve fibers like a fist. eToims uses an electrical pulse that uncurls the fist from the nerve fibers, thus relieving your muscle pain and restoring function, mobility and quality of life.

Compared to IMS needling treatments, eToims is non-invasive, and many patients report actually falling asleep during the process!

What is eToims and how does it work?

Using specialized medical equipment, eToims sends very brief but strong electrical pulses to the areas of irritated nerves. This stimulation causes the muscle to twitch, or contract, and then relax. This focused exercising of the muscle at numerous points throughout the muscle relieves the associated pain.

Traditionally this treatment has involved the use of acupuncture needles (Trigger Point Dry Needling, or IMS) to relieve pain. eToims is a non-invasive form of the same treatment – no needles are inserted into the skin – and is available nowhere else on Vancouver Island, and now Diversified Health offers both treatments.

eToims is great for sports injuries or the mysterious soft-tissue injuries from auto accidents that typically stump health practitioners. It is quick to diagnose and fast to heal, getting you active and back on your feet faster than conventional treatments.

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