Treating running injuries in Victoria BC

Recover faster, and improve your performance

What is gait analysis? It’s all about studying how you run. We’ll put you on a treadmill, analyze your movements, and offer suggestions and strategies to improve your gait. The benefit? We help you prevent injuries (or rehabilitate from past injuries) and improve your running performance.

Understand unseen problems

It’s very difficult to assess gait with the naked eye. We’ll  observe how you walk, identify problems and areas to improve your walking and running technique. Get help now

Create a personalized plan

We’re all different – we all have different abilities, different goals, and different ways we exercise. After identifying areas for improvement in your gait, we’ll create an individualized plan to help you achieve your goals. Get help now

Recover from illness and injury

At Diversified Health, we adopt a team-based approach to health care, that is designed to treat acute and chronic pain, improve sports performance, and ultimately enhance personal well-being. We prefer to focus on natural therapies that can ultimately provide longer lasting solutions to individual client needs. Get help now

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What we offer

Registered Massage therapy

Massage gives you a road map of stress areas in your body. Many times people don’t know how much stress they’re carrying until they have a massage: then they’re able to release it.
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In search of pain relief, you no longer have to suffer unnecessarily or choose between taking potentially harmful drugs, or going through surgery as your only options. Get help now >>

eToims – Needleless IMS

Using specialized medical equipment, eToims sends very brief but strong electrical pulses to the areas of irritated nerves. This stimulation causes the muscle to twitch, or contract, and then relax. This focused exercising of the muscle at numerous points throughout the muscle relieves the associated pain.  Get help now >>

Shockwave therapy

We now offer a revolutionary therapy that effectively treats the most frequent causes of acute and chronic pain Get help now >>