Get stronger faster at our Victoria rehab gym

Get stronger faster at our Victoria rehab gym.

Reserved for Diversified Health Clinic patients only (you’ll never have to wait in line for a machine, and you’ll receive specialized expert training), our Victoria rehab gym is meant to help you recover from sports injuries and ailments as quickly as possible.


  • Dr. Gustavson (runner, cyclist and yoga)
  • Physiotherapist Jennifer Mildon (IMS/Trigger Point Dry Needling)
  • Physiotherapist Nicole Logan (IMS/Trigger Point Dry Needling)
  • Physiotherapist Luke Miles (IMS/Trigger Point Dry Needling)
  • Physiotherapist Spirit Donahue (IMS/Trigger Point Dry Needling)

Machines and equipment

Backproject ATM 2
This system stabilizes the patient allowing specific neuromuscular training based on body movement isolation that aims to achieve and sustain immediate pain reduction, increase range of motion, and improve function.  Read more here

Vibe machine
The Vibe Machine is great for people training for sports. It assists in stimulating the fast twitch muscles fibers which are responsible for explosive strength and speed.  You can even choose your sport on this machine to make sure you are stimulating the correct muscle fibers. Read more here

Standing Elliptical  from Octane fitness  
The new LateralX elliptical is a complete reinvention of cross training, giving you the option to move in multiple directions on one machine. Loaded with boosters and features, this unique elliptical is designed to help you get stronger faster. Read more here

Other machines: