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Today is International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate the political, social, economic and cultural achievements of women. A day to remember, honour and acknowledge their impact. A day to bring awareness to the still present gender inequality that exists in too much of the world’s nations and a call ... Read More



Bullying in the Workplace

When we think of bullying, the images we imagine are most often those of children or teens being bullied either at school or in social groups. The reality though is that bullying is not exclusive to the young or to those in school. Workplace bullying happens, and more often than ... Read More
February 26, 2019Diversified Health Clinic




One of the constants in our lives is stress. Just reading that may induce stress for you but the reality is that not all stress is negative. Stress is, most simply, your body and minds way of reacting to situations in life; both the good and the not ... Read More
November 28, 2018Diversified Health Clinic


Summer is coming to a close and the feel in the air is of back to routine and a sense of normalcy to our schedules. As we head back to school, work schedules and a more structured day, now is the time to take stock and see ... Read More



IT Band Syndrome

Iliotibial Band Syndrome is one of the most common overuse injuries for runners. The IT band is a ligament that runs down the outside of the thigh, from the hip to the shin, helping to stabilize and mobilize the knee joint. If it becomes too tight or inflamed ... Read More


It’s that time of year again when the garden beckons for our attention! After a few months of inactivity - for the garden blossoms and your outdoor gardening activity - it’s easy to overdo it when you do get back outside.   Here are a few things to ... Read More


When an injury occurs, it can often be difficult to determine just how severe an injury is - or even what type of an injury you have. Strains and sprains are similar but different and they can be hard to assess. A sprain or a strain of a ... Read More



Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis has taken a step into the spotlight for many during the Winter Olympics. Canadian athlete, Spencer O’Brien (snowboard) has spoken openly about her journey with a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and how it has affected her life and sport. Debunking the misconception that arthritis, in its many ... Read More
February 23, 2018Diversified Health Clinic



Winter Fun and Your Safety

The winter months are here! It’s that time of year when some of us nest and hibernate and others look longingly outside anticipating the rush of winter activities that are finally ours to enjoy. If you fall into the latter category there is an abundance of options to fill the ... Read More
November 22, 2017Diversified Health Clinic


Golf is not a contact sport, and is perceived as a low-risk sport when it comes to injuries. Golfers, whether new to the game or have been playing the sport for years, will suffer from acute or overuse injuries if they lack ... Read More
July 20, 2017Carmen Scott