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What Are Your Priorities?

“All I want is more hours in a day.” How many times have you thought that yourself or heard it from a co-worker, family member or friend? It’s a concept that most of us think on a fairly regular basis. We daydream about what we would do or ... Read More
November 28, 2017Diversified Health Clinic


What is SAD? While those of us on Vancouver Island have been enjoying a recent spell of Autumn sunshine and mild temperatures, it is still that time of year when the usual weather takes a turn for the darker and colder variety. With that, comes the reminder for many ... Read More



World Spine Day

Monday, October 16th is World Spine Day A healthy spine is something that most of us don’t even think about. Until it becomes unhealthy or injured – and then it’s all you can think about. Getting out of bed or bending over to put on your shoes can go from simple ... Read More


Multi-tasking is the often over-used term for the supposed secret to being your most productive. Whether at work, home or at leisure, the concept that you can get more accomplished by doing more things at once has taken over in recent years. Touted for years as the best way to ... Read More
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Many golfers find the toughest thing about golf is maintaining and perfecting a consistent swing.  Below are a few key tips to head you in the right direction. Golf Basics: Holding the club - Grip the club in your fingers and not in ... Read More
September 7, 2017Carmen Scott
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The first step when wearing shoe insoles, starts when you are shopping for shoes. You want to select a shoe, runner, or boot with a great fit and is specific to your chosen activity. The second step is to determine if the ... Read More
August 24, 2017Carmen Scott


Running shoes are designed for different foot shapes; designed for different running patterns; and running on different terrain; so a running gait analysis can help get the best fit from your running shoes. How you run and how ... Read More
August 21, 2017Carmen Scott


Both walking, and running require energy to move our bodies over a given distance.  Walking can provide many of the same health benefits associated with running, however, running will produce the fastest physiological changes. Which is better walking or ... Read More
August 14, 2017Carmen Scott
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The sun produces many different kinds of light, and the most likely to injure your eyes are ultraviolet,  called "UV rays".   When eyes are overexposed ... Read More
August 10, 2017Carmen Scott


Heat exhaustion happens when the body’s cooling system stops working. The next stage after heat exhaustion is heat stroke caused by strenuous exercise or activities outside during the warm summer months or sun stroke, where the ... Read More